Shipping Container Air Vent (Easy Install) With Mesh

Shipping Container Air Vent (Easy Install) With Mesh

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Using a shipping container for storage is an ideal low cost storage solution but without good ventilation, damp develops very quickly and especially over winter allowing your possessions to be ruined by moisture damage

I've been using these vents myself for the past two years on a 40ft container and they have proved invaluable

Shipping Container Air Vents (large) With Mesh to protect against rodent ingress

Made in the UK and specifically designed to span two vanes in the container.

This Air Vent with screen is easy to install within 20 minutes. It requires no welding or painting. This unit comes complete with mesh to prevent any rodents  from entering container

Simply cut a rectangular hole in the container, drill 6 holes, apply a bead of sealant and rivet or bolt in place and in no time at all you have good ventilation for your shipping container and no worries about water or rodent ingress. Ideal for when you are using a container for long term storage.