About us

K2 Design and Fabrication Ltd was formed in 2016 by Dominic King and Duncan Oakes having seen the need for well made bespoke parts, custom builds and general engineering solutions.


​We specialise in the design and production of custom metal parts. Our primary focus is in the automotive sector and in the majority bespoke items for 4x4's such as bumpers, roll cages, side steps etc. if its made of metal and fitted to a car then its almost guaranteed we have made that item before.


The skills, techniques and equipment do off course lend themselves to the production of literally any engineered item. This has seen us do extensive work in both the agricultural sector (producing feeders and tractor attachments) and also in home improvements with the production of bespoke balconies, gates and railings etc.


Our customers tend to come to us when they have a specific need and find that off the shelf products aren't meeting their requirements. This often means that we are taking an already well produced idea and simply improving it either mechanically or aesthetically to give the customer exactly what they need.


Your probably thinking that bespoke and custom means 'expensive'. But with the use of CAD and CNC equipment labour costs are dramatically reduced meaning that items often cost less than people would imagine.


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