OM606 twin scroll manifold

OM606 twin scroll manifold

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OM606 twin scroll turbo manifold

Turbo manifolds are a must for anyone seeking real power from any performance engine. Bigger turbos, more fuel = higher EMP and higher EGT to reduce this the gasses need to escape quickly, the stock manifold is a huge restriction on this

Made completely from stainless steel, including the cnc machined oval to round transition head flange plate, I believe the only one in the world.. 1 1/4” schedule pipe throughout, not cheap Chinese materials, everything about this is top quality. Back purged and welded using a furick TIG cup to ensure correct gas coverage. We strongly advise it’s ceramic coated to keep heat from transferring into the engine bay, and we by no means use cheap ceramic from a spray can. These are sent to the top ceramic coating company in the UK and there coated inside and out, the thermal barrier is quite remarkable. 

These are all built to order and can take up to 10 working days depending on complexity and work loads at the time of order, so please call ahead for a more accurate lead time. Sometimes we might be better to have the car for specific projects. We can also make full exhaust systems for any vehicle.

We can build manifolds for any turbo and car setup, feel free to email or call with your requirements.