Mercedes high flow air box

Mercedes high flow air box

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Mercedes high flow air box.

This stunning product was designed around the landrover Mercedes installation but will work on various other applications.

Main body made using 3mm aluminium, and 6mm tapped bolt on top section. On top we fitted a Perspex lid for easy air filter inspection. The lower mounting bracket/heat shield is 3mm mild steel and has the necessary cut out meaning our landrover water relocation pipe clears perfectly. The air box is rubber mounted to prevent cracking and has an air gap between the lower mounting section to eliminate heat transfer. Inside we have fitted a 3” K&N air filter and the box has a massive 4” inlet pipe meaning restrictions are kept as minimal as physically possible. When installed it has a nice descreat factory look. 

we supply theses with all the necessary stainless mounting bolts and brackets. 

Can be supplied plain silver or textured black.

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All of our parts are designed around our own adaptors not other, they can be fitted with others but may need some modifications .

This box was designed around the longer R380 gearbox.