Adaptor plate, flywheel and spigot adaptor kit Om606/605/603/602 to R380,R380 stumpy,LT

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This kit is everything you need to mount the 300 Tdi R380 gear box, R380 stumpy or LT to your om606 or om605 engine.

Built to take over from the original Ollie north Mercedes adaptor kits so the plate has all the needed factory alignment dowels (not countersunk bolts) the engine also has the correct rotation in relation to the gearbox and it is mounted in the correct landrover offset centreline when used with our engine mounting kits meaning everything fits in the factory location.

The engine mounts utilise the correct 300tdi rubbers that are significantly stronger and less prone to fail the the 200tdi units.. we always recommend swapping the engine mounts in the 200Tdi conversions to the 300tdi with our universal kit. We also have a no weld needed bolt in engine mount kit if needed for other gearbox options, drop us a message to find out more.  

Kit is made up of..

1x Billet aluminium adapter plate anodised k2 orange, 8x Allen cap mounting bolts.

1x Steel replacement fly wheel, that the factory ring gear bolts to, with new 3x clutch dowels and 8x m10 mounting bolts . 

1x New spigot bush adaptor and bush. The adaptor simply taps in and  fits the original factory landrover spigot bush meaning you can buy replacements from any motor factors.

2x gearbox to adaptor dowels . 
2x engine to adaptor dowels. 

We can supply or just advise on clutch options as there are several. With so many different requirements for the conversion we don’t want to sell you an expensive heavy pedal clutch that you don’t need. We have often found that a good quality HD clutch will work just fine for some applications meaning you don’t need to upgrade the pedal to accommodate the heavier double diaphragm clutch pressure plates.. Drop a message with a description of the conversions and it’s intended use so we can help.