Intercooler for TD5, 2.2,2.4 TDCi

Intercooler for TD5, 2.2,2.4 TDCi

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Easy to install – using the original pipe connections, with only very minor modifications required to install. Also suitable for cars fitted with Air Con. *see note below

Each unit undergoes final inspection and pressure test to over 30 psi under water, it’s then packed and for dispatch around the world.

Completely designed on Solid Works, with Laser cut end tanks and mounting brackets, CNC folded and TIG welded individually by hand in house.

Our design uses high grade 5000 Series sheet metal end tanks, folded from a single piece to eliminate splitting.

This design is lighter and more efficient than the heavy cast models on the market.
Lighter weight means better heat rejection, as there is less material to act as an insulator meaning less heat soak and better recovery times in between boost cycles.

We have taken a great deal of time to ensure these intercoolers are easy to fit; a simple replacement for all Defender Td5, 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci models with or without air conditioning.

* some Australian spec Defenders were fitted with AC by the importing dealer. These are not LR systems and can vary, so please check with us first for fitting advice!

The increased cooling capacity together with the appropriate electronic tuning can typically allow at least 45% power improvement, with a similar torque increase.
Fuel economy improves by, on average 10% with a reduction in cylinder head thermal stress. Thermal stress is actually reduced as the EGT or combustion temperature is reduced dramatically. Power and torque can be increased further with special turbos and improved air flow products.

As with all of our products it’s backed by our impeccable K2 guarantee, if you have any issues we want to be the first to know and we will right them as quickly as possible.

To get the most from the intercooler we advise fitting one of our upgraded hard intake pipes.