Weld fixture table kits

Weld fixture table kits

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8MM Weld Fixture/Jig Table kit. 

We believe this is the ultimate professional modular welding table fixture system. These tables are designed in house with 20 years experience as a welder and we actually have these in use every day. We believe in what we sell which is why we use them. Using a tab and slot locking interface means assembly is straight forward. All tables have a 200mm rib sub-frame offering maximum strength and accuracy. The whole table is supplied with a material thickness of 8mm unlike other suppliers that use smaller lower brace sections. Thicker material means more strength and a flatter table. If you do require a thicker material please messages and we can help you out. 


Unlike other imports and cheaper constructions, we design superior sub-frame cross bracing as this is the most critical part of the fixture table to ensure a truly flat and accurate fabrication surface. We design, test and manufacture everything in house and the UK to maintain a high quality of control.


As standard all of our tables are setup to work with any tool  the industry standard 16mm hole size . 


We only use Hot Rolled, Pickled and Oiled S275 structural mild steel. What this means is just after the production the sheet steel is run through an acid bath (Pickling) to remove any impurities, rust and mill scale from the surfaces of the steel. This leaves the sheet raw and unprotected so a light coving of oil is used to protect it. Then the laser doesn’t need to cut through mill scale and impurities which can and eventually affect the accuracy of the laser cutter therefore using this Steel gives you more precision cut parts..  


K2 Weld Table Key Features:

  • Top plate 8mm Material thickness throughout is what we recommend minimum for a professional workshop
  • 200mm fixture skirt/sides with 16mm holes 100mm spacing 
  • Engineered in house with our Tab and slots interlock
  • 16mm securing hole 100mm apart on centres to work with all 16mm tooling and various 50mm fixtures from other suppliers 
  • ALL Sub-frame parts from 8mm thick S275 HRPO structural grade mild steel
  • Option: Castors  – Height adjustable or easily roll 200mm 
  • Dimensions 1475mm x 1475mm other kits coming soon 
  • Design, Manufactured in the UK

We plan on adding more tables, tools and fixtures to creat a range in the future but this is currently our flagship.

If you have a specific table you want building drop an email to the office and we can discuss what we can do.

Click on the link below and check out our YouTube channel to see videos on the table and other things that we can do.